Sunday, December 9, 2012

Photos with Jirina

Yesterday morning I packed my car and headed to Hellsinki for a photo shoot with Pepper and Sandy. Jirina took the pictures and Tea was nice enough to let us shoot at the beautiful old movie theater turned party location Astoria. I´m really looking forward to seeing how they turn out since we had a blast :)
Here are some of my iphotos, stinky as they are you get an idea hihi!
Have a great Sunday!!! Oh, and don´t forget to come and see Thee Dizzy Daisies in Teerenpeli Tease next Saturday!! I´m premiering with a brand new number...

Feather headed ladies!
The Faery organizing herself.
Strike a pose!
Pepper posing.
The dress looks latex but it is sequins :)
Jirina shooting Sandy
Something funny happened with the light here :)
Faery shoes <3

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