Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Holidays!

This time of year it´s time to remind ourselves of that little thing my mother calls "primitive manners" (alkeelliset käytöstavat in Finnish). What we refer to by it is that we all should know some basic stuff about how to treat each other, how to be respectful, to be able to listen (not just talk) and to have EQ: emotional intelligence.
Especially when meeting people of different backgrounds and cultures this is important, not just "assume" things but to find out. I was thinking about this this week partly because of a facebook post from Scotty the Blue Bunny who, currently living in Berlin, had tried to (in vain) get his gym to stop playing music where words like "faggot" and other hurtful words like that are used frequently. Another reason for this post this Monday is that come Holiday times some peeps seem to forget their manners and behave poorly when out and about both in "the real world" and on the internet. There´s always idjuts online, I know. But how about trying to remember the net-etiquette and be nice instead of mean, huh? As well as to learn to wait in line, not curse at people in shops and not shoving in public transportation?
Just because YOU don´t have a red nose does not mean you should put down on those who do.
Love, peace and happiness and all that Holiday glitter <3

Pic stolen from All those Vaginas facebook-site.

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