Friday, April 12, 2013

Bad Hair Day

Tonight I´m not going anywhere except the post office and zumba :) I have been a proper housefrau, cleaning and doing laundry and it´s pretty nice sometimes just to do "the regular stuff". Tomorrow we have a house warming party of good friends and on Sunday it´s the Burlesque Fleamarket at Raspberry Fields so the weekend will be stuffed as it is. I thought I´d share with you some pointers in how to save a Bad Hair Day...since, at least I seem to have them on a somewhat regular basis. First thing that I´ve noticed (works for my fine and flowy hair at least): don´t go to bed with wet hair. Or if you do, roll it up. A good comb is a must, as is hair spray. I´m such a rookie at hairdo´s and try to learn from tutorials etc but so far I´ve learned that on a Bad Hair Day :

My friend brought this picture to my attention. Scarves will save your butt any given Sunday.
Try fake bangs. Helps to have proper hair spray, bobby pins and patience.
Put on a hat. Any kind. This one re-modeled from an 80´s hat that used to belong to my mother by Fiona Timantti.
Hang out with good looking friends :) . Also bright colors in hair cheer up.
Add feathers!
Take pictures that won´t show the hair.
Use rollers!!! ROLLERS. Any kind. I like hot rollers.

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