Friday, June 7, 2013

Sauna Open Air

Hello again!
Gaaaawh, my computer is falling to pieces and this really is not a good time for that (if there ever is one). I´m SO crap at computer stuff...but I really need to get this sorted. Both the keyboard and trackpad are f***d up royally, text keeps disappearing and things get stuck etc. Lordee- technology is so nice when it works and SO annoying when it does not! So, another reason not to be so active here on the blog these days, sorry for that! My first "vacation" week has been busy busy busy and to continue the theme me and Pepper are driving up to Tampere again! We´re performing at the Sauna Open Air metal-festival tonight and tomorrow so if you´re there come say hello!  I would have liked to stay on Sunday to see Hardcore Superstar and Volbeat but I have to drive back because I´m taking part in a music video shoot for Orkestar Bordurka :) It´s a crazy Finnish band that do "balkan-style" music and origin in a country called "Borduria". This shall be epic haha! 
Anyhoo, have a great weekend everyone and remember to enjoy Summer!

Pepper & me, pic: Jirina Alanko

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