Monday, June 10, 2013

Sauna Open Air, once more

Greetings from Weird Weather Inc. I had JUST hung my laundry outside to dry this morning, when it started raining like CRAZY. Since that we´ve had sunshine, thunder and hayling. So odd. But alas, I am not here to give you the weather but a few snapshots from last weekend! Pics from the videoshoot coming soon... Oh! And very happy to announce that me and Sir Willy Waterlily will be performing at the Lainsuojattomat-theatre festival´s club 7th of September in Pori! 

At 11.10pm: a P.S: I stumbeled across this video that has gone pretty viral on facebook. I have to share it with you in case you´ve missed it! You know how I´ve talked about bodyimage etc, well this is right up there. And before you say it: yes, I know boys and men are having low self-esteem and issues as well but this is for all you wonderful women out there. Let´s remember to say something nice to at least one person a day, shall we? 

The gorgeous Olivia Rouge <3

Pepper, with attitude :)

Getting ready to ROKK!

My new outfit for Diamonds, made by Pepper!

After show on Saturday, chilling with friends.


Note backstage :) very pedagogic (NOT) haha!

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