Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I´ve talked about how much music inspires me when I´m making a new number but sometimes it´s a character, a trait in someone (or something) that gives me the specific kick. When I was making my "Lucia, faithfully"  I went through a lot of different materials, some given to me by my mentor for that number Bent van der Bleu and some that I just kept finding in the secret stashes of the interwebs... One person that I´ve always have loved and admired is Freddie Mercury - for his amazing charisma, his voice, his va-va-VOOM and showmanship as well as that fabulous gayness about him. So, for this Tuesday-night I thought I´d share one of my biggest inspirations for my little Lucia, maiden of light: Queen and "Crazy little thing called love"  <3

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