Monday, March 31, 2014

In and out of drag

Last weekend was very emotional! Friday night ended in a wonderful proposal on stage after curtain call for two very dear friends of mine: congrats Jari and Jac <3 Met the wonderful Lou Safire and I think I´m in love -he´s such a fabulous perfomer and a total sweetheart. Meth blew my mind with the scary, bloody amazing shows of hers! FIERCE! Thank you to all the performers and of course Lola Vanilla for organizing! I had so many giggles that night, friends showing up in stuff that I hardly recognized them -go check out Cherry Turrrbocherry´s beautiful Mr. Freelancer on her blog...she, Tinker Bell and Vera de Vil could have started a boyband called LADZ or maybe just The Itty Bitty Boyz :)
Saturday me and Pepper performed at a local event (for me) so I was very nervous about it - our first number was not introduced at all, we just kinda BOOM! Heere´s Johnny!, or rather here´s "Naked" the fan dance but you know what I mean. The audience had not seen burlesque and since the average age was a bit higher I had my concerns ...but was proven wrong -again! I had one of the BEST responses ever from an elderly lady afterwards who thanked me for "Such a refreshing show! I told my husband to look! and remember this at home! If I would do that (hand-gestured meaning twirling) they (boobs) would be in my armpits!" And then she laughed hard and heartidly <3 It just showed me once more that you *never* know what resonates in an audience and that just because of age one should not assume anything! Lesson learned! We have had a revue-theater Punainen Mylly (translated from Moulin Rouge) in Helsinki from ca 1946 to the mid 60´s so this kind of entertainment is not unheard of here. Thinking of my own future I will surely be the one granny found rather in rock clubs than the opera.
And more talk on gender and closets: take 10min to watch this TED tv talk. Have a wonderful, sunny week <3

(c) Kaylin Idora

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