Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year, Ol´Tricks

Happy New Year people! I hope you had a wonderful and festive Holiday-time, I know I did! Now it´s time to drag our the work-mode and calendar again and this week will kick in multi-colors with both performance AND dance teaching! Thursday-night we will celebrate the anniversary of the Pirates Pleasures burlesque-club in Hellsinki and on Friday I´ll teach twice at Mueve!-club (25min classes /each) and Saturday at EnergyFly -both in Lahti.
More info on the dance-thing coming soon, if you are interested but not sure what 'burleskitanssi' is, please do read the newest addition in the blog (up there to the right, yeah under the banner ;) -in Finnish only, sorry!

So see you soon!

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