Thursday, February 2, 2012


Last night,in the midst of a *very* cold season, me, Sandy and Milova were working as "resident pin up girls" at the Grand Opening of Navy Jerry´s Rum Bar in town. If you like tiki-style, 50´s sailors and just a good, relaxed ambience this is your place! You should check out their facebook site here. The lads were strapping, the ladies were sizzling and the drinks were delish! Try the mango margharita, I dare you! Or anything with the Sailor Jerry´s rum, if for nothing else so the cool etiquette :) I think I have found my new fave hangout!
Other than that it´s been the same old manic panic-y running around, trying to get dis´n´dat done...Tomorrow we have the first rehearsals with the crew for the Vagina monologues, looking forward to meeting all the Ladies!

Me & Sandy, ready for boarding!

Sandy & Milova

The Navy Jerry´s House Quartet

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The bowling alley turned restaurant for the night

The crazy housewife (pic:Sandy)

The Sailor Girl

The Tiki Daisy

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