Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ginger & spice

 Ginger has been one of my all time favourite spices. But for the actress Ginger...I guess she really never shook my boat. I always thought of her as "that cute tap-dancing gal". Nothing wrong with cute nor tap-dance but I did prefer the ladies with a , -shall we call it a ´reputation´ ;)
So you can imagine that when I started looking for pictures that would inspire my new outfit I was very surpriced to find this photo of Ginger Rogers in what I´ve read is referred to as "The Dress".
Yes, it was my inspiration. And no, it came out nothing as dramatic as the original. And you could hang me up-side-down and still I´d surely manage to tremple on Mr.Astaire´s feet so I am no Ginger.

But a girl can always dream,right?

So here I was, the image of that pure girl next-door forever gone (for surely they don´t wear anything like *that*!?!?) so I got curious... And I was right: look what the google dragged in!

Well, well...Ginger-baby sure could strike a pose!

And wait, is that a garter I see? With cash stuck under it?!

This last photo must be my new favourite. I wish somebody would organize a theme-party, any theme! soon so I could try to remake this blingy-thingy!
It´s almost like she has the wheel of fortune stuck on her crotch - and this with ALL do love and respect.

Wow. It´s awesome to be able to say dang! I was wrong! Ginger ROKKS. And if I ever get a girl like that next door I´ll be a very lucky broad indeed.

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