Sunday, September 4, 2011

New logo for Thee Daisies!

Logo by
We got a new logo! Yey! The very talented Bettie Blackheart designed this for us, ideas of old 50´s diner sign was thrown around and I think it came out beautifully. A bit edit here: Bettie made the logo to represent each of us, which I last night all tired and out of it, didn´t get. Chewing-gum between my brain-synapses...No White Ladies: the leopard glass is of course the sassy Ms.Jungle, Sparkling stars in a Pepper-shaker should be obvious as well as the pralines which I´m sure could represent...well yeah. Despite the wrong interpretations of last night I still love it :) If possible, even more. Cheers, ladies! Oh, and supergirl Saara Salmi is working on our webpage so that should be coming soon as well!

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