Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New number in process

 I have never considered myself a person who loves to *craft* things. You know there are people like that, handy persons who can make *anything* almost out of nothing. Somehow it often accelerates at weddings when brides force their bridesmaids, mothers, cats and neighbors to hand-make everything from cards, decorations to you-name-it. I don´t want to be sexist here, but so far I haven´t heard of a guy who does this :) I´m sure there are plenty. ANYHOW, I´ve never been like that UNTIL I found burlesque. Now I can sit for *hours* glueing, sowing or just knick-knacking away on glittery stuff. So these "brooches" you see here are a miracle. I´ve bought styrofoam balls, cut them , painted them and glued all kinds of glittery shit on them because I figured I wouldn´t be able to find two similar vintage-looking brooches for my dress. They look like pixie-cupcakes. Or maybe more like a pixie threw up on a cupcake...
Trust me, as an old punker I was very against glitter. Glam rock was not really my thing (part from Bowie and even that was when I was a bit older). Also I cannot sew even if my life depended on it. I still can´t!  If it wasn´t for Ansku at Saramai I would not have a clue how to do these dresses. She is simply divine: none of my crazy ideas are impossible, she´ll make them all happen! So when I wanted a 40´s inspired dress with a cape-ish thing (think Ginger Rogers) I got one. The brooches are just pinned in here for the photo so they don´t look that good but you get an idea.    
The underwear are easier to get a grip of. Here´s a sneak peak, got a bit more done today. The frillies are still unattached on the panties.
Here´s the "whole" (outer) ensemble. There´s still more glitz to come (duh!) but I´m really happy with the outcome. And I have the music! So after the Gala the 15th of October I will start rehearsing this big time.
Then there´s also that Christmas-number I´ve got planned out.... Pheew! Well, ta-ta for now. I´ve declared myself flue-free and am back to work tomorrow!

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