Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wet Wednesday

It´s raining, it´s pouring...
Bettie Blackheart was marvellous enuf to make me a new logo - chocolate shoes! As praline is well, -chocolate- and I do have " a few" shoes it´s quite appropriate.
Then again, a girl has never too many shoes nor bags, right? Won´t post any pictures since it´s going to be up there for all of you to see. When I have my head right on and it´s not in the middle of the night I´ll try to adjust it a bit better. Learning -by-doing here...

By Ulrika Bachér
If you want to see Bettie, the Dizzies own Pepper Sparkles and a lot of other scary, wonderful and daunting performances both burlesque and sideshow you should go to Tampere for the Horror & Tease Show this Halloween 28th of October! The fest is organized by lovely Miss Olivia Rouge - I for sure will try to clear my calendar for this!!/event.php?eid=135357769894648

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