Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!!! We landed last night around 11pm so it was quite amazing to see the fireworks from above. What a great trip - but it feels good to be home. I missed my cats <3 
Finally we have some snow here, not much, but enough to make it a bit white and that equals more light. Also today there´s this weird light effect upon the sky, I think it´s called "the sun". Compared to her African peer this sun seems more tranquil, dazed and confused :) 
I´m still a bit dazed and confused myself after flying for a whole day yesterday but I thought I´d share with you these lovely gifts that I got from my darling friends. Have a beautiful first day of 2012!

Very cool cards: one for me and one for my <3
Thanks Maija & co!!!!

Lush stuff from my girls Sandy & Pepper! I will smell like candy and roses!!! (I hope this wasn´t a hint to use more deodarant while practice ;)

My friend Anna should work as a personal shopper. Her gifts are so well-thought, so personal and so beautifully packaged! I had to keep the bags I got from her...

This time Anna had got me a great book on vintage clothing and some *very* nice underwear <3

My Xmas gift to myself: Dixie Evans signed photos! Arrived in the mail! Yey! She is GORGEOUS!!!!!

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