Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fake bangs

Today I tried to do faux Bettie Page-style bangs on myself for the first time. Well, not really *the first* time, but since I had NO idea what I was doing the LAST time I tried it doesn´t count :) Olivia ROuge gave me a quick tutorial at Ofelia market when she did my hair so I kept that in mind today...This really is something you learn-by-doing so gather up patience! The hair came out ...ok-ish. I´ve tried to find hair "rats" aka soft spongy cushions one can use to puff up the hair in e.g victory rolls and these kind of bangs but all I´ve got my hands on so far is a roll that´s made out of a very light material, so it´s pretty hard to cover up when in my hair (which is, in case you haven´t seen: red :D

So I had to make a emergency victory roll to cover one side and added some flowers (always a great way to cover cock-up´s in hair-do´s by the way). I was only on my way for family lunch so I didn´t want it to be too glam, just a regular ponytail in the back. There are a lot of different tutorials on youtube about a lot of different hair- and make up-styles, here´s one: Faux PinUp Bangs. It´s pretty clear but the difference is, she has enough hair not to have to put in a rat. I find it easier and get a better result using one. I finally managed to find some brown rats online from the States, so I hope I get them soon! 
Now I shall vegetate in front of the tv for a while, Boardwalk Empire has it´s premiere in Finland and I just luuuv Steve Buscemi <3 Go check out their homepage in case this show is new for you here !

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