Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting warmed up

It´s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes... There was that earworm of a song a few years back (right up there with the Thong Song on my personal "annoying-as-hell"-list) but it catches the mood of the Helsinki Burlesque week pretty well! I´m attending a few workshops and definetly looking forward to the warm up party at Dubrovnik on Thursday - a great kick in to the weekend of mayhem at Gloria :) Can´t wait to hear Satans Angel´s stories! I bet there will be some red ears haha! Tickets are sold in advance at Tiketti and I strongly advice to get them beforehand!
We have geared up the rehearsing with Thee Dizzies, stuff is getting ready and the tension and excitement is rising... Blood, sweat and tears to be awaited as before all good shows :D Also, I got a really cool offer today but I´ll tell you about it a bit later when it´s official. Now I´ll relax in the sauna and try to get to bed early despite it being Friday-night since I have to get up bright and early to cram in some gym-time before meeting Les Girlz at Respberry Fields! Ta!

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