Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gems from the attic

I was helping some friends empty the upstairs of their stables. A lot (and I mean *a lot*) of stuff have been stored there during decades, both family and friends have brought their belongings there so there was a lot of furniture, kitchen stuff, horse carriages--- you name it. We went through some boxes and what do you know! There were some old beautiful photographs that I got to take home. Old pictures really intreague me, who were these folk, what became of them and for what purpose was the photo taken? Especially the last one of the lady in the cape fascinates me...Who is she? Why is she wearing such a "risky" outfit for the times, she must be in theater? Or maybe vaudeville?
You can spin a fantastic story around old pictures and therefor I want to share some with you, for inspiration because they are lovely.

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