Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We survived our Hellsinki-time, lots of friends and mayhem ;) Yesterday I even got to meet up with Sandy to plan our up-coming shenanigans. And I found some *awesome* secondhand dresses at UFF, thanks Bettie for the hint! I´ve planned a Lucia-number for some time and now I got the dress for it! So definetly putting that together for next Xmas season!

I also got the opportunity to wear my new kitteh-dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing! Even if the summer has been (according to some, I kinda don´t mind the weather) cold and rainy and it´s very summer-y I couldn´t resist, adding a pair of awesome blue shoes I found in Florida (by Carlos Santana, hmmm...somehow I have a hard time believing he designed them haha!)

The art show (Art is so gay, see previous post) was very thought provoking so I really recommend you go there, it´ll be open for another week. I also got stuff done for the interviews I´ll do with the burlesque girls about body image, sent them to my teacher and are now awaiting what he says about it. When he gives me green light the actual work begins!

Here are the photos I promised, will get back to cooking lunch! Ta!

Red tull underskirt by Olivia Rouge

Skirt PUG, leopard scarf+ Bettie Page t-shirt Fast´n´Loud

Sankta Lucia.......

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