Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I forget that Stockholm is such a great city. Then, when there, I get overwhelmed by the atmosphere, people and places to go to and see. Why don't I visit more often?!?
I had a blast there last weekend. A extra bonusfun was bumping into Scotty the Blue Bunny at the Burlesque brunch at the park and getting to spend some time with him the day after. Thank you also to the people who organized the brunch, my girl Pepper and the vintage folk, Petri for being a sweetheart & a great host (pantertanten!) and Annika for being ... you <3
One picture tell more than thousands of words so here goes, in no specific order a few snaps from the trip. Have a great Tuesday!!! Ta!
Annika, Scotty and Petri at Kulturhuset´s rooftop after the Tom of Finland exhibition.
My Burlesque brunch goodies :)
With Pepper and Scotty at the brunch 
One hot mama!
Favourite café: Louie Louie (in Söder)
Evening look for Saturday...flowers, always flowers!
At Beyond Retro: the fantabulous overall that didn´t fit either. Shame.
I <3 Stockholm (or is it a bum?!)
Louie Louie
Penis origami, sort of :)
Sivletto. If you´re in to 50´s stuff GO HERE!!!
Promo for Helsinki Burlesque Festival 
In the train from the airport to the city
by Tom of Finland <3
bought a bunch of books, this among others
Burlesque brunch 28.07.2012

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